CarbonPoker Coupon Code

CarbonPoker is an online poker room visited by below average players, and it is possible to play profitably if you have good discipline as most players do not and just want to have some fun.

Of course you should have fun playing online poker at carbon as well. This is why it is our privilege to offer an amazing 200% poker bonus for your first deposit, up to $500.

In order to get this poker bonus at carbonpoker, you just need to input PBT2009 in the field for "coupon code" when you sign up, as shown in the image below.

Carbon Poker

Other information about Carbon Poker Bonus Code can be found at CarbonPoker.

Make sure to not forget to input the bonus code PBT2009 at the time of your first deposit, otherwise you will not get the maximum bonus of 200% that we offer.

For reference, the general terminology is poker bonus, but carbonpoker uses specifically the term CarbonPoker Coupon Code.

Recently Carbon Poker hired the beautiful actress poker pro Elizabeth Shannon as their sponsored pro (from American Pie). If you play at Carbon Poker, you might sit next to her and even win a chance to meet her in person.

Another good thing about playing online poker at Carbon is that as this is a smaller room, you will see less tough players and many more fish willing to hand over their money to you.

And remember to stay fit at the poker table if you want to survive. Slimmer players can play longer hours than fat ones who get tired much faster. So if you want to get rid of some extra weight, consider trying raspberry ketones, a safe and natural supplement that will help you burn fat faster.